Leveraging the full potential of your lightsaber requires a solid grasp of its functionalities. Ensure you don't overlook the specific instructions tailored to your lightsaber's core type, as they are the key to unlocking its incredible capabilities.

Explore the cutting-edge features of our lightsabers at SABERS UNLIMITED, from Smooth Swing and flash-on-clash to multiple blade colors and blaster deflection. What sets these lightsabers apart is their seamless control through a single button, offering you a truly immersive experience in the midst of battle.

The navigation of your lightsaber's features depends on the soundboard it incorporates. Whether you've opted for Tier 1 with XENO3 or Super RGB, Tier 2 XENO3 or SNV4 with a Pixel blade, or a Tier 3 Proffie Lightsaber, we provide manuals tailored to each variant. With the right instructions at your fingertips, your lightsaber will be ready for action as soon as it lands in your hands.


Tier 1:


Super RGB (SRGB part)

Tier 2:

XENO3 with Pixel blade (XENO3 part)

SNV4 Pixel (SNV4 part)

Tier 3:

Proffie V2.2